Audio Messages

Below is a small sample of some of the messages that are preached at Sun Valley Community Church every week. Click here for a more complete list.

We also have several CDs which contain complete verse-by-verse studies on various books of the Bible. Each CD contains about 50 Bible studies. Some examples are Genesis, Hebrews, Romans and many others. Please contact us for a free copy.


Listening to or Saving MP3 Sermons:

To save the MP3 to your player, right click on the title and select “save link as…”. To listen online without waiting for the file to download, just click on the  the title. For those who use Apple products, simply click on the title and it should start playing immediately.

Doing God’s work or that of  the Devil?: 2Tim3.3

Fleeing and Pursuing 2Tim 2.22

Hearing God
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Which King?
Blessed are the Peacemakers
Blessed are the Pure in Heart
Blessed are the Merciful
Blessed are those who Hunger and Thirst
Blessed are the Meek
Blessed are those who Mourn 2
Blessed are those who Mourn
Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Gen #36 Gen 50

Gen #35 Gen 49
Gen #34 Gen 47 Jacob’s Last Days

Gen #33 Gen 45

Gen #32 Gen 40

Gen #31 Gen 39

Gen #30 Gen 37

Gen #29 Gen 36 Esau and Amalek

Gen #28 Gen 34 & 35. Return to Bethel

Gen #27 Jacob Receives the Blessing

Gen #26 Jacob Gets Married

Gen #25 Jacob and Esau

Gen #24 Isaac and Rebecca

Gen #22 Abraham Offers Isaac

Gen #20 Abraham and Abimelech
Gen #19 Lot and Moab

Gen #19 Destruction of Sodom
Gen #18 The Son of Promise 
Gen #17 The Sign of the Covenant
Gen #16 Hagar and Ishmael

Gen #15 God’s Covenant with Abram
Gen #14 Lot’s Captivity and Rescue

Gen #13 Abram Inherits the Land
Gen 12:3 Blessing and Cursing

Gen #12 Abram Called

Gen 9-11 After the Flood
Gen 7&8 The Flood

Gen 6 Prelude to the Flood

Gen 4&5 Adam to Noah

Gen 3:9-24 The Curse

Gen 3:1-8 Fall and Temptation

Gen 2 Man in the Garden

Gen 1:6-31 Creation

Gen 1:1-5 In the beginning, God
Beatitudes of Revelation
God’s Tender Mercies
God With Us
Evidence for the Resurrection 
Goodness (Fruit of the Spirit)

Longsuffering (Fruit of the Spirit)

Kindness (Fruit of the Spirit)

Peace 2 (Fruit of the Spirit)

Peace 1 (Fruit of the Spirit)

Meekness (Fruit of the Spirit)

Joy 2 (Fruit of the Spirit)

Joy 1 (Fruit of the Spirit)

Love (Fruit of the Spirit)

New Beginnings 3 (Hezekiah)

New Beginnings 2

New Beginnings 1