Welcome To Sun Valley Community Church

Welcome to the website of Sun Valley Community Church. We moved to Sun Valley in February 2009 after 40 years in Burbank, where we were known as Burbank Community Church. In February 2010 we completed the renovation our buildings and so invite you to visit us at our new home.

At SVCC we try to be a warm and loving group of believers who love one another and care for every visitor. Our worship style is mainly traditional but without the formality of traditional liturgies. (In plain English; we love to sing mainly hymns and try to keep our services less formal but orderly)

We stress the centrality of Jesus Christ to our private lives and our life as a church. We believe in living the Bible as well as knowing it. We also emphasize teaching the whole of the Bible as our all-sufficient guide for faith, daily living and spiritual well-being.

Please feel welcome to visit any of our services or call me for a chat.

Anton Bosch